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Advanced Programs Available for Young Women

Olympia Gymnastics & Cheer offers women's USA Gymnastics (USAG) programs, including compulsory levels 3 to 5, optional levels 6 to 10, and Xcel levels Bronze to Diamond.

Placement on our teams is by invitation from the coach or private evaluation.
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Gymnastic Athletes Can Expect to Train Year In and Year Out

Unlike a lot of other sports, competitive gymnastics is not seasonal. Training is basically a way of life and there is no off-season. 

A level 3, an athlete will work out three days a week for a total of nine hours, while a level 4 and 5 athlete will work out four days a week for 12 hours. At level 6 and higher, you can expect a minimum of 16 hours of workout time per week!

Other sports usually cannot be played in conjunction with this highly labor-intensive activity.

Let Your Child Learn Life Lessons That Will Last

Olympia Gymnastics & Cheer's team is highly competitive, organized, and well run. Our staff is fully qualified and fully committed to their gymnasts.

Competitive gymnastics involves the whole family and we are proud to offer our wonderful, character-building program. The lessons our girls learn in the gym will benefit them for the rest of their lives and we are proud of them all.

If you think your child has what it takes, we are always ready and willing to share all the necessary information and to schedule an evaluation.

Start Your Child Off in Our Olympia Prep Team

If your young child is interested in competitive gymnastics, our Prep Team is for her! Designed for beginners with no previous experience, the nine-week session is similar to our recreational classes but is five minutes longer and is coached by team coaches.

A scheduled or drop-in evaluation is required and is based on the coachability of your child, not her skill level. There is a $20 fee. Evaluations are done during the summer for the fall Prep Team. To schedule an evaluation, email us at and we will call you.

The Prep Team schedule is 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm Monday (ages 3 to 5), Tuesday (ages 5 to 8), Wednesday (ages 7 to 10), and Thursdays (ages 6 and up).

All Star Cheer Program

Olympia cheer program is the longest-running program in San Antonio! But this is not your momma's cheerleading! The focus of teams and athletes in All-Star is on gymnastics and acrobatic moves. These athletes don't use pom poms or megaphones anymore. Today's hybrid sport is a combination of gymnastics, acrobatics, athletic dance, and many elements that are unique to All-Star. The All-Star athletes are more extreme athletes than fashion models and can learn exciting skills in a fun, safe environment. 

All-Star teams typically consist of 15-36 athletes with different skills and abilities, such as football or basketball team. The athletes should be strong, well-built, and must also be strong dancers or jumpers. It is the job of the coach to create a competition routine performed by the group that has elements of tumbling, stunting, jumping, dance, and other skills set to music.

Olympia Gymnastics & Cheer is proud of choosing modest cheer uniforms and teams that include athletes of all levels. We often aim at finding a spot for girls that have a desire to cheer, tumble, and be a great teammate! This is a great way for young athletes in the All-Star cheerleading to learn new skills. They can also learn teamwork, goal-setting, sportsmanship, and a number  of other social skills while making lifelong friendships.
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Acro gymnastics

There are usually 3 types of skills that are involved in acrobatic gymnastics:
Balance skill where strength, poise, and flexibility is the main focus
Dynamic skills include throws, somersaults, and catches
Individual skills where the own uniqueness of the gymnastics can be showcased within the routine
Acrobatic gymnasts usually perform in pairs or groups. They are judged at a specific level or age group category. The gymnasts in each partnership are of different sizes and possess abilities that will be balanced to complement each other in order to carry out the complex moves. 

The older athletes who display great strength and balance and carry out supporting and pitching roles are known as 'bases". They are balanced with smaller gymnasts who become the 'tops'. Women's pair (two females), men's pair (two males), mixed pair (a male base and a female top), women's group (three females), and men's group (four males) are some different partnerships that can be seen in a competition.

In competition, partnerships perform a routine to music, that has usually been choreographed particularly for them. They carry out their acrobatic moves and combine them with dance in a timely manner keeping up with the style and rhythm of the music. Partnerships are judged on artistry and on the execution and the difficulty of the skills.
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